Shangri-la Black Pottery Coffee


        Trekking & Tibetan Villages


    Black Pottery Coffee can arrange trekking tours-

    From local excursions, and day trips to Tibetan villages.


    To trekking excursions into some of the highest

    and most beautiful mountain ranges in the world;


   Customized to suit guests from beginner to expert. 


   Please contact Kesang & Russ at [email protected], or

  See our forum for detailed trekking information.


    Meili Snow Mountain Inner Kora Route

    (5-7 days roundtrip from Shangri-la) 


  Meili Snow Mountain Outer Kora Route

  (12-18 days roundtrip from Shangri-la).

   Old Town Shangri-la (Gyalthang in Tibetan)


   Rainbow over Old Town Shangri-la


 黑陶咖啡 674400 中国云南省香格里拉县古城仓房街池廊冈五号