Shangri-la Black Pottery Coffee


About Black Pottery Coffee


The owners of Black Pottery Coffee are experienced guides who know the region well.

So you can get up to date travel information about local excursions and hidden travel destinations.

Kesang, Russ, and their daughter Rose, will make you feel welcome in Shangri-la, 

and help you plan your adventures there.

Currently, they specialize in excursions to the Meili Snow Mountain Region, 

just 180 kilometers north of Shangri-la.  

They can arrange guides, transportation, accommodation in a Tibetan home, 

and meals all for a reasonable price.  See the forum for details!

The Cafe serves an excellent breakfast and fresh ground coffee as well as Tibetan, Chinese, 

and Western food.  It has a fine selection of pottery for sale from Nixi Village, 

the owner?s hometown, books in English and Chinese, and local and imported wines 

by the glass and bottle.


   Rose, Russ and Kesang enjoy a visit to the Old Town in Lijiang. 

              Tibetan children in Shangri-la (Gyalthang) Old Town.

 Enjoying the view from the roof of Sumtseling Ganden Monastery.

 Kesang practicing her golf swing on the grasslands above Napa Lake.

             Autumn on the grasslands west of the Old Town.