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Do you want to trek in view of a 6,740 meter peak (Kawa Karpo), with some of most breathtaking

scenery in the world?

View of the 5 Buddha Head Peaks (5470 meters) of the Kawa Karpo Mountain Range from Lower 

Yubeng Village (3000 meters).


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If you are interested in doing some really beautiful hiking and have 5-7

days, we can arrange trekking at the Meili Snow Mountain Range. 

Here is a sample 7 day itinerary:

Day 1- Shangri-la to Fei Lai Si (Deqin).  The road reaches 4,292 meters

on the way.  Full view of 13 peaks of the Meili Snow Mountain Range

from the guesthouse outside of Deqin.

Day 2- From Fei Lai Si we will drive down into the valley, cross the

Mekong River (locally known as the Lancang Jiang), and then ascend

slightly to the start of the hike to Yubeng Village.

Day 3- Short hike around Yubeng Village, view traditional Tibetan

lifestyle, and prepare for ascent to Base Camp the next day.

Day 4- Hike to the Base Camp, and Ice Lake.

Day 5- Hike to the Holy Waterfall.

Day 6- Hike out via the Yubeng and Langcang Rivers Route and

driveback to Deqin.

Day 7- Return to Shangri-la via the Bai Ma Snow Mountain Pass.

On the Meili trip you really get exposed to Tibetan culture as you

travel which is a nice bonus. 

There are two ways to calculate the cost of this trek:

A)  We arrange transportation, accommodations, and meals, but you pay for them directly.  You are also responsible for paying the entrance fee for the mountain, all food and drinks, and our guide fee.  What this allows you to do is select the level of services you require.

B)   The cost of the trip is all inclusive: food, transportation, guide fees, entrance fees, and accommodation from the time we leave Shangri-la until the time we return there. However, you are responsible for any expenses regarding insurance, medical care, and souvenir type purchases.

For Choice B, we provide horses to carry the bags in and out of Yubeng. 

That way you can enjoy the views without too much extra weight at such high altitude.  We also provide guesthouse accommodations for each night, which are nice.  And, we travel in comfort by private car to the beginning of the trek.

So depending on how you would like to travel, you can decide

which choice suits you better.

Viewing the Glacier above Base Camp from the Ice Lake.


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We are just back from leading a trek to the Base Camp & Ice Lake,

Holy Waterfall, and return along the Yubeng and Mekong Rivers.

The weather was excellent with full views of the Mountain everyday.

The trees are just beginning to turn shades of red, orange, and yellow

from the Bai Ma Snow Mountain Pass to Deqin, and on the treks

above Yubeng.

Above the Icelake at 3920 meters, we explored a cave under the

main glacier.  It opened high and wide after an initial small entrance

to reveal an exit higher up on the glacier.

When we exited, we were about 100 meters above the rest of the group

much to their surprise. 

The Lake itself is turquise blue at this time of year. 

I followed the river that flows from it down through a small gorge

back to the Base Camp.

At the Holy Waterfall, we met a group of Tibetan pilgrims.

They exchanged adresses with our group so that they could

share the pictures they took together. 

From the Waterfall, I climbed down to the snowfield extending

from the glacier. 

It was a fast descent down the snow, and looking back over the

glacier I had a completely unobstructed view of the Mian Ci and

the 5 Buddha Heads.

For me, the most spectacular part of the trip was seeing the

autumn leaves on the trees. 

There were such vibrant reds and yellows, and

it reminded me of the Fall in New England where I grew up.

When we arrived back in Fei Lai Si on the last night, there was a

full moon, and the entire mountain range was clearly shining in the

silver moonlight. 

We had a panoramic view from the window of our room at the

guesthouse and I could not resist starring at the beautiful peaks of

Mian Ci, 5 Buddha Head, Kawa Karpo, and the other 6,000 plus

meter mountains in the Range.




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Check out our trekking website:


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It's that time of year again!

Here are some photos from a stop in Nixi Village on the way back from a Kawa Karpo trek. 

Kesang's brother, Jiangsu, took our guests to his home.

And mushroom hunting!

Please join us for the 2014 Trekking Season.

Write to [email protected] for inquiries.

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