Shangri-la Black Pottery Coffee


   Welcome to Shangri-la!


   Shika Snow Mountain, Shangri-la (10.29.11) Fei Fei at 4500 meters.

  Kawa Karpo Mountain Range (11.06.11) taken from Deqin.

  Baby Foot Wine, Shangri-la

  Come to the Cafe and Fei Fei will show you how to drink Yak Butter Tea!

Chinese superstar Gao Yuan Yuan (left) with Kesang (middle),

in front of Black Pottery Coffee on April 19, 2011,

while here to film " High Altitude Romance 2."

云南 香格里拉 黑陶咖啡  A little touch of Nixi Village in the heart of Shangri-la Old Town





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